National & international specialists

The Akademie für Personalentwicklung & Prozessmanagement GmbH (Academy for Personnel Development & Process Management GmbH - APPG) places specialists from Germany and abroad, primarily in the healthcare sector.


Job placement

We will find your new employer for you (or have already found one).


We accompany you from the first contact to successful integration.

Exam preparation

Through our curriculum / training, we offer preparation for necessary examinations, e.g. at the medical associations.

Further language training

Through intensive language training with an experienced teacher, we enable you to communicate at a high level.

Knowledge transfer

We impart knowledge about the German healthcare system in the medical, administrative and intercultural fields.


We help you with your professional and private integration, e.g. in communicating with the authorities or with everyday medical procedures.

We bring experts together

Our lecturers are doctors, nurses, administrative staff, educators, as well as trainers for communication and behavior.

In cooperation with h2r-personalberatung, we place medical personnel from abroad within Germany.


Learning objectives for obtaining a certificate

The participant …

  1. … has completed an approximately four-week hospital-external preparation phase.
  2. … knows the structure of the German healthcare system.
  3. … knows the specific tasks of hospitals within the healthcare system.
  4. … is informed about the hospital structure.
  5. … has acquired knowledge of inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.
  6. … knows the role of the doctor in the hospital.
  7. … has trained communication and interaction with patients and their relatives.
  8. ... is familiar with all patient routes.
  9. ... is confident in communicating and dealing with colleagues and nursing staff.
  10. ... knows the basics of hospital billing in the German healthcare system.
  11. … is prepared for intercultural discrepancies and trained to react appropriately.

Important tips for a successful start in Germany

Dear colleagues, We value your professional expertise and would like to prepare you for your work in the German healthcare system. This is a complex field and will not only present you with Interpersonal challenges but also language requirements. We would like to prepare you for this in the best possible way and offer you intensive language training in conjunction with a course program in which you will be introduced to the essential structures and interactions of the German healthcare system. This will help you to integrate quickly and smoothly into your new working environment and avoid frustration on all sides.

Your contact person

Frank Birkemeyer

  • Managing Partner
  • Lecturer

Dr. med.
Dietmar Herberhold

  • Partner
  • Lecturer

Dr. med.
Erik Lorenz Franzen

  • medical consultant
  • Lecturer

Christiane Birkemeyer

  • Lecturer
  • Organizational assistant

Gudrun Bohn

  • Lecturer
  • Organizational assistant

Susanne Werle

  • Recruiting
  • Owner of h2r personnel consulting